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Introductory Flight Lessons

Becoming a Private Pilot is a big step and is undoubtedly one of the highest accomplishments a person may experience in their lifetime. It is a level of control and freedom which most will never experience. We would like to formally invite you to become a distinguished member of the general aviation community. Experience the beauty of San Diego from above with a Introductory Flight Lesson. See San Diego Bay, Coronado and the areas beaches.
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Time Building

Looking for a San Diego Flight School that offers flight time building? San Diego Flight Center specializes in accelerated time-building programs for foreign clients. We not only provide aircraft, but also complete packages that include ground training, aircraft checkouts, accommodations, airport transfers, rental cars, cell phones, and license conversions, all with a prime location and friendly atmosphere.
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What’s Happening

LIVE the DREAM, Learn to FLY!

The greatest barrier to flying is not knowing how to get started. At San Diego Flight Center it is easier than you think.

There is no better time to learn to fly than right now. Numerous technological and safety enhancements to single engine airplanes have resulted in one of the safest forms of travel.

A four-hour car ride from San Diego to Santa Barbara can now be accomplished in around 90-minutes without dealing with long security lines and airline boarding hassles.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start your lessons, now is the time. Learning to fly is an adventure in itself and the private pilot certificate is an incredible reward. We'll work with your schedule - instructors are available 7 days a week (day or night).

Call (858) 245-7420 and tell us that you want to learn to fly. We will help you from there.

Zero to Solo

Every pilot will tell you that the day you fly your first solo is a day you’ll never forget. With San Diego Flight Center’s ZERO to SOLO Flight Training Module you can achieve this dream in one simple course – a series of lessons designed specifically to train you to fly around San Diego County.

Area Familiarization

Unfamiliar with the San Diego Airspace? San Diego has some of the most complicated airspace. Within a thirty-mile radius you can find:
– 2 Class B airports,
– 8 Class D airports
– 2 Untowered airports.
Entering, departing or transitioning the area can be a challenge or worse, a “bust” if you don’t know what you are doing.

The Right Flight Instructor

Looking for a San Diego Flight School to start your flight training? Before you make a commitment to a Flight School or Instructor, get our FREE REPORT on “San Diego Flight Schools.” It covers questions you should you ask your future trainer, for example, cost, training period, requirements and difficulty.


Introductory Flight Lessons make great gifts. Surprise your future pilot with a gift certificate for a One or Two Hour Introductory Flight that they can use to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Call 858.245.7420 for more information.
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