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San Diego Flight School

San Diego Flight TrainingLooking for a San Diego Flight School to start your flight training?

Before you make a commitment to a San Diego Flight School, email us for a FREE REPORT on “San Diego Flight Schools.” It covers questions you should you ask your future trainer for example, cost, training period length, requirements and difficulty. It provides valuable insight and information on how to avoid making costly mistakes when evaluating different flight schools and their training programs.

Training at a San Diego Flight School can ultimately save valuable training dollars thanks to our great year-round weather. Don’t waste your time or valuable flight training dollars.

Contact us for information regarding choosing the RIGHT, San Diego Flight School, TODAY.

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Introductory Flight Lessons make great gifts. Surprise your future pilot with a gift certificate for a One or Two Hour Introductory Flight that they can use to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Call 858.245.7420 for more information.
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