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06_PiperMeridian_sn4697241_ethMentor Program
With the purchase of our new Meridian, I needed addition flight time in order to satisfy our insurance provider’s flight time minimums. After doing a lot of research, I discovered that there are a lot of companies and pilots that can provide the required training. I wanted something different, something “outside the box”. I wanted to get the proper training to truly appreciate the capabilities of my new plane, but I also wanted to have a little fun in the process.

I contacted San Diego Flight Center and gave them a list of my requirements, priorities and a timeline. Even though they are based on the West Coast, (I’m in Houston) Dann was able to provide a complete and comprehensive training package. He insured that all of the insurance provider’s requirements would be met and that I would be competent and proficient in our new plane.

Dann not only coordinated the flight training, but also the accommodations and activities as well

 J.L. Houston Texas.

We stayed in some of the coolest hotels, ate some of the best meals and played some of the best golf courses that I have ever experienced. At one point my wife got so jealous that she joined me for the remainder of the training program. We were so impressed with the level of service, San Diego Flight Center is now under contract to support our corporate flight department.

I now feel comfortable and proficient in my new plane, knowing that I was trained in “real world” situations, not just doing approaches in my local area. I also now know how to safely fly into Mexico and the Caribbean thanks to the program.

I can’t wait for my recurrent training to see what they have in store for me….. St. Maarteen? Barbados?

Thanks to Dann and his team….

Houston, Texas


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