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Ground School

Our Wednesday evening Private Pilot Ground School is full. If you are interested in attending one of our Private, Instrument or Commercial Pilot Ground Schools, contact us at 858-245-7420. Tired of looking at the back of your instructors head for hours on end? Tired of being lectured […]

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Private Pilot Costs

What does it cost to get your Private Pilot Certificate? Realistically? The national average is approximately 70-hours to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate. In San Diego, due to our good weather and being able to fly consistently the average is approximately 65-hours to obtain your Private Pilot […]

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Introductory Flight Lessons make great gifts. Surprise your future pilot with a gift certificate for a One or Two Hour Introductory Flight that they can use to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Call 858.245.7420 for more information.
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