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Private Pilot Package

One of the first and most important questions aspiring pilots ask is… much is it going to cost to obtain my Private Pilot Certificate?

The answer is….it depends on you. Your instructor is ready to teach, but are you ready to learn? Here are some of the factors that can effect the length and cost of your training:

How much time do you have to commit to the process?
How often can you train?
How well do you learn new skills?
Do you have all of you funding in place?
What is your instructor’s availability?
Where will you do you training?

Learning to fly is a big commitment of your time and money. It’s important that you sit down with a prospective instructor or flight school to discuss how you can train in the most effecient and economical manner.

People learn at different speeds. Here’s a pricing breakdown of what it would cost to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate at different flight hours. Private Pilot Training Costs If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 858-245-7420


Introductory Flight Lessons make great gifts. Surprise your future pilot with a gift certificate for a One or Two Hour Introductory Flight that they can use to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Call 858.245.7420 for more information.
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