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Zero to Solo

How Far Will You Go?

Every pilot will tell you that the day you fly your first solo is a day you’ll never forget. With San Diego Flight Center’s ZERO to SOLO Flight Training Module you can achieve this dream in one simple course – a series of lessons designed specifically to train you to fly around San Diego County and land safely all on your own!

Should you choose to continue your flight training towards your Certificate, all the hours flown will count towards the minimum requirement for an FAA Private Pilot Certificate. Great for future military aviators. Get a leg up onyour competition!

($5061.00* USD) (Prices subject to change do to exchange rates and fuel pricing)

The ZERO to SOLO Flight Training Module includes the following items towards your flight training:

  • Includes 22-hours flight training
  • Includes 22-hours aircraft rental (Cessna 172)
  • Includes 15-hours ground training
  • All charts and facilities directories
  • 3-month flying club membership
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Presolo written test
  • Presolo stagecheck
  • FAA Private Pilot’s Flying Handbook
  • FAA Private Pilot’s Knowledge Handbook

Prices subject to change without notice. Flight Training Course packages are valid for 3-months from the date of purchase. *Additional charges will apply if extra flight or ground training is required.

Call us at 858.245.7420 or to request information go here.


Introductory Flight Lessons make great gifts. Surprise your future pilot with a gift certificate for a One or Two Hour Introductory Flight that they can use to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Call 858.245.7420 for more information.
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