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Multi-Engine Rating

Looking for a Multi-Engine Flight Training?

The Multi-Engine Rating allows you to fly any airplane (under 12,500 lbs) with more then one engine. Due to the complexity of the equipment, this rating calls for a higher degree of skill than a single-engine aircraft.

Serious emphasis will be placed on single-engine aerodynamics, single engine-out operations and emergency procedures, and the performance and limitations of the airplane.

If you are adding a Multi-Engine Rating to your Private or Commercial Certificate, you will have already met the eligibility requirements. If you are obtaining an initial Multi-Engine Commercial Certificate (i.e. you hold a Private Pilot Single-Engine Land Certificate only and you want to obtain a Commercial Multi-Engine Rating) you will need to meet the aeronautical knowledge plus minimum eligibility requirements for the certificate you are seeking.

Keep in mind that a Multi-Engine aircraft is considered a complex aircraft, thus will meet the requirements towards the Commercial Rating

Please review the Commercial or Private pages as applicable for additional information on complex aircraft and cross-country requirements,
or contact us to discuss the options.


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