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Private Pilot Training in San Diego

Realistically, the national average is approximately 70-hours to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate. In San Diego, due to our good weather and ablility to fly consistently, the average is approximately 55-65-hours to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate.

Using the national average and local costs, the price range to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate can vary from $8,000 USD to $11,000 USD depending on whether you use a Part 141 Flight School, the most expensive or a Part 61 Flight School or Instructor, the least expensive.

Both types of schools train their students to the same FAA standards. In addition, both schools even use the same FAA examiners to perform checkrides. The average training period ranges from 9-months to 1-year, based on the frequency of flight lessons.

The general rule is…..the more you fly, the quicker you’ll pass.

A private pilot certificate is like a driver’s license. It allows you to fly anywhere in the United States and even outside the United States when you comply with regulations of the foreign country where the aircraft is operated. You can carry any number of passengers, and you can share certain operating expenses with your passengers.

Although, there are currency and medical requirements to make sure you stay proficient and healthy, only a few other factors affect when and where you can fly. Once you earn your certificate, you are free to wander around in the skies below 18,000 feet above sea level to your heart’s content.

Private Pilot Training Costs

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