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Area Familiarization

San Diego Flight SchoolUnfamiliar with the San Diego Airspace?

San Diego has some of the most complicated airspace. Within a thirty-mile radius you can find:
– 2 Class B airports,
– 8 Class D airports
– 2 Untowered airports.

Entering, departing or transitioning the area can be challenge or worse, a “bust”, if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you know the airspace, it can unlock areas of the county that most pilots will never see.

You’ll learn the following transitions:
– Shoreline South | La Jolla, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma
– Shoreline North | Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla
– Miramar South | Overfly Miramar
– VFR Corridor | Overfly downtown San Diego 3500′
– Delta Taxiway | Overfly downtown San Diego 1500′
– San Diego Bay Transition | Fly the middle of the bay at 800′

Training includes a ground session to familiarize you with the local airspace, communications briefing and flying the actual transistions.

The ground and communication sessions must be completed satisfactorily prior to flying.


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