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IPC Check

Need a Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)?

— In order to act as PIC under IFR (whether in instrument meteorological conditions or not), the FAA requires six instrument approaches, intercepting/tracking courses, and holding within the previous six months. An instrument proficiency check within the previous six months will also suffice. For specifics, see FAR 61.57(c).

— Pilots are sometimes confused about when they’re required to have an instrument proficiency check (IPC). Here’s the scoop: If it’s been more than six calendar months since you were last instrument current, you have to complete an IPC to become current.

— The FAA now requires that pilots demonstrate specific tasks from the instrument rating Practical Test Standards (PTS) during an IPC.

— Instrument flying is a “use it or lose it” skill. Individual needs vary, but we suggest that, in addition to FAA currency requirements, you have: a) at least one hour of simulated or actual instrument time in the previous month; b) at least one instrument approach in the same period; and c) an IPC in the previous six months.

Instrument Proficiency Package ($460* USD)

  • 2 Hours Flight Instruction
  • 2 Hours Aircraft Rental (Cessna 172)
  • 2 Hours Ground Instruction, Including Pre/Post-Flight Briefings
  • ASA Biennial Flight Review Guide
  • Course Materials

*Additional charges will apply if extra flight or ground training is required.

Please bring the following items:

  • Current Logbook
  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • Completed SDFC Flight Review Quiz
  • Airman Certificates
  • Government Issued Photo Identification (Driving License, Passport, Military ID)

Additional Requirements:

  • Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • Current FAA Medical Certificate

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